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Semi-professional over-the-counter system specifically designed for instant cooling and tapping of beer, wine and cocktails at home, at garden parties, in bars or restaurants.

Entirely conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy, it is the product per excellence for those who want the true draught beverage experience at home. Its compact size makes it suitable for any situation; whether you are having a BBQ or celebrating an anniversary. Toast in the company of Draft!
Why choose TAP25?
The beverage distribution network generates many CO2 emissions and has a negative environmental impact.
Most over-the-counter tappers require more space on the bar counter.
Tapping systems are often difficult to sanitise
Tapping systems are often not very intuitive to use.
Draft relies on an algorithm to optimally manage shipments and chooses logistics partners that care about the environment.
The TAP25 was designed with space-saving dimensions in mind, while maintaining high performance.
We include in each package a complete kit for sanitising the system. The taste of your drink will remain intact with every tap.
A new connector developed and patented by us will allow anyone to connect drums to Draft Taps easily and safely.

An iconic gesture finally at hand.

1-way tapping plant
Air compression pricking technology
Cooling capacity 25lt / h
Customisable RGB LED
NFC Tag for instant access to the platform
Plant weight: 16kg
Thanks to the TAP 25's instant cooling system, your drink is always at the desired temperature. We use innovative technology with over 15 metres of die-cast coil in an aluminium block to cool your drink instantly, allowing you to connect kegs even at room temperature. Enjoy instant coolness, whenever you want it.
TAP25 is Class A rated
It has never been so simple.
The concept
For any tapping system, be it beer, drinks or soft drinks, the connection between the keg and the connector is crucial. This is why there is a need for a connector that is functional and extremely easy to use by the end customer.

Kegs with different attachments can be used via accessories available on our website.
Cleaning the connector is quick and effective. Once disconnected from the system, it leaves no drink residue. The materials comply with FoodContact regulations and do not release harmful substances.
The less experienced user will have no difficulty in connecting the connector. In a few simple steps, one is able to connect the keg and enjoy the drink safely.
Composed of more than 90 per cent plastic materials, the PK connector is among the lightest on the market.
Compatible for K-valve
The compatibility of this connector is, for the time being, only available for K-valve. Also compatible with standard A-S-D connectors using the dedicated adapter. Other connectors available on for separate purchase.
2 in 1
Practical and functional
The innovative 2-in-1 hose is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to handle gas and product separately. Its flexibility is amazing, withstanding gases and high pressures without any problems. Moreover, it is certified for food contact, ensuring maximum safety for your drinks.
The composition of the 2-in-1 system does not make handling the pipe complicated; on the contrary, you can easily position the pipe so that it is hidden to create order on your counter.
The two lengths available in the Advanced kit make it more convenient to use depending on the drum used.
Order and aesthetics
Avoiding long hoses that bring confusion to bar counters and are unsuitable for domestic use, our co-axial hose is synonymous with tidiness, aesthetics and practicality.
The freshness of your drink for up to 25 days in the keg
We chose technology and sustainability
The kegs Polykeg PRO 2.0 are equipped with a special multilayer bag that protects the contents of the drum, and guarantees total protection of the product inside from external agents for up to 25 days once opened.
We have thought of everything!
Sanitisation kit included.
With the purchase of the Draft TAP25 tap, a complete sanitising kit is also included. This means that you will have everything you need to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of your tapping system at hand, at no extra cost.

Sanitising powder for 20 uses.
Our sanitisation kit allows you to sanitise your system up to 20 times. It is designed to enable the cleaning and sanitising of: connector, 2-in-1 hose and tapping system in the easiest, most intuitive and quickest way possible.

Once you have used up the sanitiser included with your first purchase of the TAP25 tap, you can purchase a new kit in our accessory section.
Have you ever tried a cocktail on tap? Thanks to the TAP 25's instant cooling system, your drink is always at the desired temperature. The innovative technology uses an aluminium block with 18 metres of coil to cool your drink quickly and instantaneously, regardless of the cooling state of the keg. Enjoy customised freshness, whenever you want. Discover the cocktails Discover all drinks
Domestic use
TAP25 was created with the aim of bringing the experience of the instant-cooled tapped beverage into the homes of users.
Professional use
Bring draught beverages into your venue without having to deal with technical intervention, CO2 cylinder replacements and drum returns.
Fully customisable Create your TAP25 by customising it with colours, finishes and tap handles! Set up now
Customise front graphics from a quantity of 15 pieces
Serve yourself! Discover TAP25
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